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 Fruita Water Distributor Tools

Welcome Fruita Water Distributors.

This page contains selling tools, videos and more. Feel free to use the contact form below to make suggestions as to what you'd like to see posted on this page. This is a private page. Please do not provide the password to retail customers or other non-distributors.    See Flavor List

THE  Fruita Water | Naturally Sweetened with Stevia  VIDEO

The Above video will play when clicked.
Feel free to use it at trade shows, etc.

The following files are available for download. They can be used anyway Fruita Water allows. Burn the video to a CD or DVD and play via a laptop or portable DVD player. The video files are like the one on the left. They have no website refference at the end.

Great for shows, demos, presentations, etc.

Contact Jon, the webmaster at 215.397.5706 if you'd like a trailer at the end of the video with your custom distributor contact information.

Custom Websites are also available.

Additional Fruita Water Selling Tools
--- Coming Soon ---